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    Looking for effective presentation and communication skills for your staff?  Want to improve public speaking skills for the Board Room? Been watching Shark Tank and wondering how to pitch your business competently and coherently? Trischel has several programmes of interest to you and your staff.  Find out more with the Program Information  - if there is not one there contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs and design a programme to suit.

  • COMPLIMENTARY 15 Minute Skype Discovery Session

    Are you leaving money on the table and missing opportunities because you have not added speaking, effective communication and training to your business and marketing plans? Do you feel overwhelmed or frustrated with your business? Do you want to be more effective at networking and sharing your message and passion? Have you got expertise that you would like to monetise more effectively? If any of these questions resonate with you then you need to book a FREE Skype Discovery Session  Contact Trish to book a conversation

  • One Day Quick Start Public Speaking Workshop

    Next workshop will be on 16 February 2017

    These workshops fill fast as they are only available for limited numbers and limited time. This workshop is for those who have a presentation or speech looming on the horizon who need to polish their public speaking skills to ensure they shine. Do you need to gain confidence, overcome your fear of speaking, share your story?  More information available

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Trischel's Signature Mentoring Programme

Adding value to your business with speaking and communication

Book a COMPLIMENTARY Skype Discovery Session with Trish - in 15 minutes explore how you can add value to your business.  See how you can transform your business with increased leads and closed sales by adding speaking, communication and training to your marketing and business plans.

How many times have you missed opportunities because you let fear of presenting, fear of speaking, fear of the unknown stop you?

Have a skype session with Trish and see

how public speaking is the secret to your success in your business,

how you can have the confidence to share your message with those who need to hear it

how you can connect with your clients and your audience,

how you can bring out your passion and confidence to shine...

Contact Trish to book your COMPLIMENTARY Skype Discovery Session to take your business to the next level



Trischel has a Blog

11 September 2016 - 8 Steps on the Public Speaking Journey: Step 5 Impromptu Speaking

"It usually takes me three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” Mark Twain

"Unfortunately you usually don’t have three weeks to prepare your impromptu responses. Questions often come out of left field.  It could be at meetings, in conversation, when you are giving a presentation, at a job interview or during a media interview, someone will turn to you and say “And what do you think?”  Why is it that you often can’t think of anything to say until at least two hours after the question has been asked? You find yourself thinking now why didn’t say that and you come up with the most brilliant answer when it is too late."

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ANNOUNCING -2016 Gold Winner Women World Awards Woman of the Year Mentor or Coach and Bronze Winner Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Trischel is delighted to announce Trish Springsteen - Speaker Trainer, Mentor, Coach Author received her awards at the Awards Ceremony in San Francisco USA on 27 June 2016.

Trish Springsteen is the only Australian to receive two international awards in the coveted annual Women in Business and Professions World Awards. Judged by a panel of independent judges the awards encompasses the world’s best in leadership, innovation, organizational performance, new products and services, and milestones from every major industry in the world.

Women World Awards are an annual industry and peers recognition program honoring women in business and the professions and organizations of all types and sizes in North America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin-America. The Annual Women World Awards is part of the SVUS Awards® recognition program from Silicon Valley in the United States of America.



Public Speaking Courses Brisbane

Improve your Corporate Communication & Speech Skills

"Boost your Positive Thinking and Speech craft with our training courses"

Trischel Brisbane is rapidly becoming synonymous with innovative Public Speaking courses & Corporate Communication workshops for both private and public sector clients in the Brisbane region.

All of our public speaking & communication training workshops are conducted in a relaxed friendly environment with the emphasis on positive thinking skills and group participation.

Our programs provide you and your personnel with the skills necessary to achieve their maximum potential when speaking in public or delivering a corporate speech or presentation.

The training you receive from Trischel will give you the confidence to deliver charismatic presentations for work or help build your personal communication skills in a social environment.

Trischel delivers training for staff and managers that empowers companies to increase revenue while building credibility. If you are an HR Manager or CEO you may be losing untold amounts of money through inefficient communication skills within your key sales staff. Turn this around now and enrol your staff members in one of our communication or public speaking workshops. Contact us to develop a custom designed training workshop for you and your staff at your offices.

Our trainers have extensive experience developing leadership and speech craft training courses for corporations and community organisations, we travel throughout Queensland as well as offering assisted training programs in other locations such as Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Cairns, Gold Coast, Auckland, Wellington, Los Angeles, London, Dubai.

Contact us to develop a custom designed training workshop for you and your staff at your offices. 
Ask us about our specially designed courses for women.

Ask us about our signature 8 week mentoring program.

"Trish is an expert in the field of public speaking. I have engaged her services on two separate occasions and highly recommend her professionalism, knowledge and Trischel's training and mentoring services."

Juanita Anderson
Director Wasabi Marketing and Design

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Five Trischel Tips for Controlling Nerves

Everyone feels nervous before giving a presentation in public, and some degree of nerves is necessary to add emotion and energy to the speech. Click below to find out tips on how to control your nerves.

Tips for Controlling Nerves