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Personal Communication Coaching


"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual," John Russell, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd.

Your communication coach will assist you improve your ability to communicate effectively, to articulate your ideas and opinions; whether that be individually, in small or large groups; personally or electronically; in networking or in formal presentations, Trischel will give you the skills and confidence to excel.

In addition, Personal Communication Coaching is ideal for those who are facing an important presentation; or for people needing improved communication skills urgently and do not have the time to attend one of our regular workshops.

If you have just been asked to present a key note speech, deliver a information presentation or even a training session you could benefit from the advice and assistance of one of our experienced communication coaches.

Finally - facing a media interview?  Trischel coaches can help you structure your message, answer difficult questions and appear confident.




Key  Learning  Outcomes

A Personal Communication Coaching session focuses on:

  • •    What do you need right now?
  • •    What skills do you already have?
  • •    Where is improvement needed?
  • Where a public presentation is to be given our coaches will:

  • •   Review your presentation with you to ensure:
          .  It achieves your aim
          .  It engages with your audience
          .  You are able to remain the star of your show
  • •   Develop your personal skills to build rapport with your listeners
  • •   Explore ways to be inspirational, persuasive and credible
  • They can also:

  • •   Assist with the preparation of your speech or presentation
  • •   Enhance communication skills
  • •   Help you develop an effective PowerPoint Presentation
  • •   Prepare you for that Media appearance – whether Radio or TV
  • •   Provide specialist training if required in voice, image and video presentation

Personal Communication Coaching

“The coaching session had excellent interactivity. Would recommend Trischel as a coaching service to others”.
M Bowling, Director Urban Green Group

Delivery of
Coaching Session


  • We offer two types of coaching sessions (each session- one hour) :

    • •   A personally designed coaching programme of four sessions per month
    • •   Individual sessions as per your specific needs

    Delivery of coaching can be:

    • →   Private and personal – in your location or ours (Brisbane area only)
    • →   via Telephone
    • →   via Skype
    • →   Remote location - Australia : video analysis (Send us your video and our team will analyse your skills and the presentation; deliver feedback with practical recommendations to improve performance)
    • Overseas clients : 

    • →   Skype, or
      →   Video analysis

Cost of Coaching

There are 3 levels of coaching (For international coaching clients - the cost is quoted in Australian Dollars):

  • Level 1  –  individual attention covering the basic public speaking and presentation skills and techniques – includes free follow up calls for 1 month on completion of the coaching

         ⇒    our location - $167 per session plus GST

        ⇒     your location - $167 per session plus travel cost if outside Brisbane environs

  • Level 2 - individual attention including areas covered in Level 1 (if required) with the addition of focusing on a particular presentation or speech.  The coach will work with you to analyse the presentation, provide feedback on the presentation (includes PowerPoint assistance) and assist you to achieve the standard you require.  Includes free follow up calls for 3 months on completion of the coaching

       ⇒   Our location - $267 per session plus GST

       ⇒   your location - $267 per session plus travel cost if outside Brisbane environs

  • Level 3 – includes areas covered in Levels 1 and 2 (if required) with the addition of video analysis of your presentation, specialist training if required in voice, image, video and media presentation.  The package includes 4 sessions, skype and/or phone call assistance during the month plus free follow up calls for 12 months following completion of the coaching

      ⇒   Per month - $1497 plus GST plus travel cost if we come to your location and it is outside Brisbane environs

In addition we also provide:

  • ⇒     Video Analysis – consists of one hour skills analysis by our experienced coaches plus detailed feedback and recommendations delivered either by skype or telephone - $147 ph plus GST 

Personal Communication Coaching

"Very impressed with Coaching Session – specific to my issues. Definitely recommend Trischel as a coaching service to others.”
R C Harding, Businessman and Football Coach

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