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Special Interview Coaching

  Personalised assistance for that special and important interview

"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities." Bob Nardelli, former CEO, Home Depot



This coaching is for specialised interviews only

Trischel runs effective general job interview workshops for first time job seekers; those returning to the work place or those wanting to update their job interview Skills.

Specialised Interview coaching is ideal for those seeking acceptance into the:

  • Australian Defence Force; including:

    • Entry into ADFA
    • General Enlistment
    • Indigenous Enlistment
  • Police Force : especially the Panel Interview

In addition, our coaches can help prepare those facing a Viva Voce for:

  • •   PhD Thesis
  • •   Research
  • •   Medical




Key  Learning  Outcomes

Specialist Interview  Coaching focuses on:

  • •   What do you need right now?
  • •   What skills do you already have?
  • •   Where is improvement needed?

Our clients are given techniques to:

  • •   Overcome nerves, and present a confident presence
  • •   Develop the necessary listening skills
  • •   Know how to organise your material
  • •   Understand the techniques and formula for answering questions clearly and competently

They can also:

  • •   Assist with the preparation of your interview and/or presentation
  • •   Help you develop an effective interview technique
  • •   Prepare and Rehearse your techniques for specific questions
  • •   Rehearse and offer feedback on formal presentations (Vivas)
  • •   Advise on what to do when things go wrong

Specialised Interview Coaching

“I feel that if I had known these issues I may well have gained my job at first tilt. Would recommend this – helps me put my interview feedback into good context and to improve myself.
Anthony Malone

Why should you
choose a
Trischel Coach?


There are a number of reasons why our clients chose to engage a Trischel Coach:

  • •   Trischel is the acknowledged experts in Communication  training
  • •   We provide experienced coaches, with wide experience of these highly specialised areas.  Our Training team includes
  •         ⇒    an ex- Army SNCO  with  experience in recruiting;
  •         ⇒   coaches with extensive experience in preparing candidates for the Police Force, and
  •         ⇒   assisting Grad students in the preparation and presentation of Vive Voces.
  • •   Our coaching is relevant and realistic, leading to practical tools which can be put into effect immediately.

Delivery of Coaching

You have a choice of coaching delivery:

  • •   Private and personal – in your location or ours (Brisbane area only)
  • •   via Telephone
  • •   via Skype
  • •   Remote location - Australia :
    • Skype

Cost of coaching

All coaching sessions (except video analysis) are booked in 2 hour blocks

  • •   Private sessions – our location - $450 per hour excluding GST
  • •   Private sessions – your location -  $450 ph plus travelling time if outside Brisbane CBD
  • •   Telephone coaching – client to call - $350 per hour excluding GST (Australian coaching only)
  • •   Skype - client to call - $350 ph excluding GST (Australian coaching only)

Specialised Interview Coaching

“Excellent !!- valuable tips to help with stress and tips on how to handle myself etc
R Baxter

Booking your coaching session

As Trischel’s Communication Coaching is designed to enhance your personal skills we like to discuss your requirements with you before determining what type of coaching will suit you best.

So reach for that phone and call +61 7 3261 2140 and talk to a Trischel coach about your communication problems and let us help you solve them.

Or send us an email and we’d be delighted to help