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    Looking for effective presentation and communication skills for your staff?  Want to improve public speaking skills for the Board Room? Been watching Shark Tank and wondering how to pitch your business competently and coherently? Trischel has several programmes of interest to you and your staff.  Find out more with the Program Information  - if there is not one there contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs and design a programme to suit.

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    Do you want to know how you can leverage your business with speaking and communication? Are you leaving money on the table because your business is not moving forward? Do you feel overwhelmed or frustrated with your business? Do you want to be more effective at networking and sharing your message and passion? Have you got expertise that you would like to monetise more effectively? If any of these questions resonate with you then you need to book a FREE Skype/Zoom Discovery Session  Contact Trish to book a conversation

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    Next workshop will be 26 July 2018

    These workshops fill fast as they are only available for limited numbers and limited time. This workshop is for those who have a presentation or speech looming on the horizon who need to polish their public speaking skills to ensure they shine. Do you need to gain confidence, overcome your fear of speaking, share your story? Would you like to see how you can leverage your business with speaking?   More information available

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Book a COMPLIMENTARY Skype or Zoom Discovery Session with Trish - in 15 minutes explore how you can add value to your business.  See how you can transform your business with increased leads and closed sales by adding speaking, communication and training to your marketing and business plans.

How many times have you missed opportunities because you let fear of presenting, fear of speaking, fear of the unknown stop you?

Have a skype/zoom session with Trish and see

how you can leverage your business with speaking and communication,

how to become an Influencer,

how you can have the confidence to share your message with those who need to hear it

how you can connect with your clients and your audience,

how you can bring out your passion and confidence to shine...

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20 May 2018  - What Happens When You Lose Control Of Your Presentation And Forget To Stop

"Knowing when to stop is an important skill to have whether you are speaking to an audience, giving a presentation workshop at work, accepting an award, introducing someone at an event, talking to a client, pitching on Shark Tank or even giving a sermon!

When you forget to stop what you will get is confusion, loss of interest and overwhelm. Your message and information can very easily be lost."

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Program Information



Putting Stress into Perspective


Practical Steps to Creating an Achievable Work/Life Balance



"When you find yourself stressed, ask yourself one question: Will this matter in 5 years from now? If yes, then do something about the situation. If no, then let it go." ~Catherine Pulsifer

Stress has a direct effect on the health of workers and the productivity of companies. More than 3 million working days are lost in the UK alone. ‘In Australian, more than $133.9 million was paid in benefits to workers who had made claims related to workplace stress... According to the National Health and Safety Commission, work-related stress accounts for the longest stretches of absenteeism.’ Vic Govt Health

- But not all stress is bad for you! So why not learn more? Why not find out how you can start to take control of your stress levels.


Target Audience




This course is designed for managers, team leaders, supervisors or owner operators who wish to improve their workplace communication. It is focused on professional interpersonal communication.

This workshop is ideal for anyone suffering from an over-busy schedule, or is beginning to feel that their working life is getting out of control and who would love to engage in a more calm and productive work place.

Learning Outcomes


This Half Day Workshop includes:

  • How to tell 'good' stress from 'bad' stress
  • How to recognise the signs of stress in yourself and others
  • Understand the fact that stress is inside rather than outside
  • Learn simple techniques to de-stress your environment
  • Develop strategies to defuse stressful situations
  • The importance of taking time out to smell the roses!



Download the Complete Course Outline


Putting Stress into Perspective is also available as an In-House Option



  • A Certificate of Completion is issued to all participants
  • Automatic enrolment into the Trischel VIP Club for all first timer participants
  • Your own copy of our highly informative Course Book PLUS a FREE Copy of Trischel’s Collection of Informative Essays, as featured on our blog – for First time participants only.


Why Should You Choose Trischel?

There are a number of reasons why our clients chose to train with Trischel: 

  • Our courses are kept small, which creates a friendly atmosphere, and leads to a highly supportive training room
  • We provide experienced trainers, which allows us to deliver one-on-one coaching during the course with supportive feedback
  • We deliver highly interactive training with many opportunities to put into practice what you learn - and humorous activities to reinforce learning.
  • Our training is relevant and realistic, leading to practical tools which can be put into effect immediately.



The Chermside Library
Hamilton Road



8:30 am – 12:30 pm

What our clients are saying
about our training

“Thank you so much for this – you gave some easy and practical advice which I can put into practice immediately.”   Simon Lees

“Thanks Trischel, this was really informative. And I particularly liked the practical suggestions.Melanie Richards


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