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    Looking for effective presentation and communication skills for your staff?  Want to improve public speaking skills for the Board Room? Been watching Shark Tank and wondering how to pitch your business competently and coherently? Trischel has several programmes of interest to you and your staff.  Find out more with the Program Information  - if there is not one there contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs and design a programme to suit.

  • COMPLIMENTARY 15 Minute Skype/Zoom Discovery Session

    Do you want to know how you can leverage your business with speaking and communication? Are you leaving money on the table because your business is not moving forward? Do you feel overwhelmed or frustrated with your business? Do you want to be more effective at networking and sharing your message and passion? Have you got expertise that you would like to monetise more effectively? If any of these questions resonate with you then you need to book a FREE Skype/Zoom Discovery Session  Contact Trish to book a conversation

  • One Day Quick Start Public Speaking Workshop

    Next workshop will be 26 July 2018

    These workshops fill fast as they are only available for limited numbers and limited time. This workshop is for those who have a presentation or speech looming on the horizon who need to polish their public speaking skills to ensure they shine. Do you need to gain confidence, overcome your fear of speaking, share your story? Would you like to see how you can leverage your business with speaking?   More information available

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Trischel's Signature Mentoring Package

Adding value to your business with speaking and communication

Book a COMPLIMENTARY Skype or Zoom Discovery Session with Trish - in 15 minutes explore how you can add value to your business.  See how you can transform your business with increased leads and closed sales by adding speaking, communication and training to your marketing and business plans.

How many times have you missed opportunities because you let fear of presenting, fear of speaking, fear of the unknown stop you?

Have a skype/zoom session with Trish and see

how you can leverage your business with speaking and communication,

how to become an Influencer,

how you can have the confidence to share your message with those who need to hear it

how you can connect with your clients and your audience,

how you can bring out your passion and confidence to shine...

Contact Trish to book your COMPLIMENTARY Skype or Zoom Discovery Session to take your business to the next level



Trischel has a Blog

Awarded Top 50 Public Speaking Blog 2016

20 May 2018  - What Happens When You Lose Control Of Your Presentation And Forget To Stop

"Knowing when to stop is an important skill to have whether you are speaking to an audience, giving a presentation workshop at work, accepting an award, introducing someone at an event, talking to a client, pitching on Shark Tank or even giving a sermon!

When you forget to stop what you will get is confusion, loss of interest and overwhelm. Your message and information can very easily be lost."

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Trischel Services

In addition to training packages and Public Speaking WorkshopsTrischel offers:

Want to gain Public Speaking Skills?

Our public speaking workshops will give you tips on conquering nerves, how to put a speech together and present it and increase your confidence and presentation skills.
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Looking to upgrade your communication skills for your staff or yourself?

Our Extended Business Communication Course is conducted over a period of six to eight weeks.  Focused on the special skills required by business today, this course can improve communication within your organisation leading to savings in time, money and reputation.
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Enhance your Personal Development?

We have workshops to assist in managing stress, increase your interview skills and explore how positive thinking can be put into action.
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Seeking Personal Communication changes?

Work with one of our Communication Coaches for that very personal communication coaching. We can provide effective communication coaching for your special presentation, creating personal change and self-confidence.
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Looking for Leadership, Team Building or Motivational Presentations?

If you are looking for something extra to motivate your leaders; we have a number of 2 or 4 hour presentations which can be delivered as part of your training day; or your seminars or even your company meetings. Contact us direct to discuss your requirements.
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Need some one to run that meeting for you?

Would love someone else to take the worry out of your next important business meeting?  Then contact us for an independent Chairman. And what about an experienced Facilitator for that Focus/Discussion Group?

Yes ... we can provide that too!

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Looking for a guest speaker or a key note speaker?

Need a motivational and inspiring professional speaker for your next event?  Trischel has one of the best speakers on the circuit, and she is available for every occasion.
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Do you have a special event or occasion that requires an MC?

We have professional MC's available for weddings, special functions, charity events and conferences or gala dinners. Contact us for someone to host your next special event..
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